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"Our Amazing Grasslands" video series - June 2023 - Bien Family

In this seven minute video, the South Dakota Grassland Coalition visits with the Bien Family in Veblen, South Dakota. The Bien family talks about their long history of land stewardship and how they hope to continue working with nature into the future.

"Neil has always made it very clear to me that this land will treat you well as long as you treat it well. We take great pride in managing our pastures so that we can get the most benefit from them. We rotate cattle around frequently to avoid grazing the pastures too much, and also give the pastures plenty of resting time so that they can recover. All of these management practices have been perfected by Neil over his lifetime, and now I am getting to benefit from learning from his experience.” - Nate Bien

About the video series

The “Our Amazing South Dakota Grasslands” campaign was created in 2018 with the goal of better communicating the importance and value of grasslands and soil resources throughout the state. This campaign strives to better show what South Dakota farmers and ranchers are doing to protect and enhance these resources. Each video was created utilizing footage from interviews with South Dakota farmers and ranchers and showcases footage of their farming and ranching operations.

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