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This page is to acknowledge the successes of NOLOs who are working with their tenants and others to care for their land, build soil health, and improve resources overall on their farms and ranches. It's intended to help NOLOs learn from one another.

It may take some time for this page to become a way to communicate successes, but in the meantime, we want to thank those of you NOLOs who participated in a survey by South Dakota State University in 2018.


The survey was meant to be a vehicle for conservation districts and NRCS to get to know their NOLO customers better as a group, to better serve NOLOs in South Dakota.


If you want to see how you compare with other NOLOs who participated in this survey, take a look at the NOLO survey highlights.


“There is a tendency to think that is wasteful not to graze pastures all the way down, but the SD Grassland Coalition and partners taught me that the grass you leave behind is mulch for the soil and results in more grass next year. It really does!” Jeannie Franceus

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