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New Video Release - Year-Round Grazing: A Change to Believe In

In this video released by Growing Resilience Through Our Soils, South Dakota ranchers Pat Guptill and Bart Carmichael, pioneers of year-round grazing, share their journeys into the practice, along with invaluable insights and the top obstacles they have encountered along the way.

The mission of Growing Resilience Through Our Soils is to help ranchers and cropland managers maximize soil health to deliver profitable farming and ranching as well as soil resilience. This educational platform–led by passionate researchers and storytellers—uses videos, photos, and words to showcase the trials and successes of ranchers and farmers as they continue along their soil health journeys.

For those interested in learning about soil health practices that can maximize resilience and profits, we encourage you to visit their website at

Year-Round Grazing Fact Sheet
Download • 341KB


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