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"Our Amazing Grasslands" video series 2019-2022

There’s a well-done, interesting video online featuring Jeannie Franceus, a Non-Operator Land Owner from Wessington Springs, that we thought you might enjoy. The 6-minute video is part of “Our Amazing Grasslands,” a series of videos produced by the South Dakota Grasslands Coalition. Just click on the link Jeannie Franceus and it will take you to the video.

The “Our Amazing South Dakota Grasslands” campaign was created in 2018 with the goal of better communicating the importance and value of grasslands and soil resources throughout the state. This campaign strives to better show what South Dakota farmers and ranchers are doing to protect and enhance these resources. Each video was created utilizing footage from interviews with South Dakota farmers and ranchers and showcases footage of their farming and ranching operations.

If you want to see more videos on farmers and ranchers who are improving their grasslands, click on any of the links below:

The 2022 Our Amazing Grassland stories can be viewed at:

January: The Smikle Family

February: The Zuya Sica Ranch

March: The Moore Family

April: The Hansen Family

May: The Boylan Family

June: The Neuharth Family

July: Thompson Family

August: Effling Family

The 2020 Our Amazing Grassland stories can be viewed at:

January: Chuck & Koreen Anderson

February: Jeannie Franceus

March: George & Suzanne England

April: Jeff & Marci Dell

May: Lance Vilhauer

June: The Johnson Family

July: The Hove Family

September: Rick Smith

The 2019 Our Amazing Grassland stories can be viewed at:

January: Jody and JoAnn Brown

February: Bart and Shannon Carmichael

March: Dan and Cindi Conner

April: Stuart and Lisa Schmidt

May: Sandy and Jacki Limpert

June: Gary and Amy Cammack

July: The Ausland Family

August: The Rittberger Family

September: Charlie & Tanya Totton

October: Suelflow Family

November: Rohrbach Family

December: Little Family


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